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3 Courses Fish/Meat         29 CHF

3 Courses Vegetarian        24 CHF

2 Courses Fish/Meat         25 CHF

2 Courses Vegetarian        20 CHF

(Eng) Tuesday & Wednesday Menu

Our spring menu is an exploration of seasonal ingredients and classic European flavors. We want to pay homage to the rich culture of European cuisine and infuse it with our passion for culinary innovation.

We hope you enjoy your experience with the harmonious blend of tradition and modernism, promising an unforgettable dining experience that will allow your taste buds to blossom alongside the Spring flowers.

It's an invitation to enjoy an exceptional lunch where each course gives a fascinating and distinct flavor experience.


Vitello Tonnato  image

Vitello Tonnato

Sous Vide Round Veal, Tonnato Sauce (Tuna & Anchovies), Concasse Cherry Tomatoes, Fried Capers, Caper Berries.

CHF 0.00

Chicken Liver Mousse  image

Chicken Liver Mousse

Apricot Jam, Freshly Baked Brioche, Pickled Vegetables, Fennel Salad, Orange Dressing.

CHF 0.00

Artichoke Salad (V)  image

Artichoke Salad (V)

Green Leaves, Marinated Artichokes, Crispy Apple, Hazelnuts, Apple Dressing.

CHF 0.00

Main Courses

Vol Au Vent   image

Vol Au Vent

Pork and Beef Meatballs, Mushroom Sauce, Red Currant Gel, Spring Vegetables.

CHF 0.00

Classic Fish and Chips  image

Classic Fish and Chips

Crispy Cod Filet, Hand-Cut Fried Potatoes, Creamy Peas Mash, Tartar & Curry Sauce.

CHF 0.00

Wild Garlic Pesto Pasta (V)  image

Wild Garlic Pesto Pasta (V)

Homemade Stracciatella Cheese, Toasted Pine Nuts and Basil.

CHF 0.00


Crème Brulee (V) image

Crème Brulee (V)

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry Gel, Fresh Seasonal Berries.

CHF 0.00

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